Sunday, April 15, 2012


Sept.19,1990, a little girl named ALLAINE came into this world. Her dad used to call her his “LITTLE PRINCESS”.

My DAD is a SEAMAN and my MOM is a DENTIST. And believe me, they treated me like a PRINCESS, from stuffs toys, computers, dress, shoes, coloring books and everything, you name it, I have it! But let me share to you a little something about me and what I've learned from these experiences.

Elementary to High School Life:

Way back in my childhood years i wore this over rated FULL BANGS (every little girl does), a colorful dress, a white with lace socks combined with a ballet pink shoes, oh! And not to forget her huge PINK HEAD BAND. I finished my elementary and high school at PACO CATHOLIC SCHOOL.
 I remembered my mom preparing my stuffs because I go to school with these check list:

  • BOOKS (all the subjects),
  • NOTEBOOKS (from no.1 to no.12), 
  • PENCIL CASE(with sharpener and eraser),
  • LUNCH BOX and pink WATER JUG,
  • my HANKY PANKY hanker-chief
  • and of course my BRAIN!
I cannot forget the times while im taking my breakfast  mom would try to ask me certain question to verify if I did READ my homeworks  and did an ADVANCED LESSON for the day. After allthe things are prepared and done, my service bus will arrive, and as usual together with my mom we will go outside the gate and tell our GOODBYES, after kissing me on my cute chubby cheeks mom never fails to tell me “MAKE MAMA PROUD”. Those were the words I used to hear every single day until it embedded on my brain that SOMEDAY im going to make my MAMA PROUD.

In my almost 11years of stay at PACO CATHOLIC SCHOOL ive been very active in extra curicular activites, even SPORTS, I met a lot of people, different kinds of them, experinced so many things, been to a fight , a quiz bee, a dance contest, a speech contest  and learned a lot of stuffs about life.

Employment Life:

After graduating from highschool I’ve been introduced to the WORLD OF EMPLOYMENT, where I work as a service crew at Jollibee Foods Corporation. At my young age of 16 I’ve realized the value of hardwork and money. And it was very challenging, BELIEVE ME! Mopping floors, wiping tables, cleaning bathroom and even recieveing bombarding complaints from customers! Few months after from being a regular service crew I was upgraded as one of the Store Marketing Assistant of Jollibee, S.M.A.R.T  for short. Sounds so professional right? But do you know whats my job description? I am the one responsible for HOSTING BIRTHDAY PARTIES and monitoring the trans IN and Out of products and most exciting part is that sometimes I’m the HETTY SPAGHETTI mascot! Youll never know, maybe we have met already hahahaha!

First 2 years of college + Employment Life:

Ive taken up BS NURSING at MANILA TYTANA COLLEGE formerly MANILA DOCTORS COLLEGE. Nursing Life was never easy, its not that hard but not that easy. While studying im doing my part time job at Jollibee. Sleepless night, painful joints, backache, haggard moments and ofcourse READING VERY THICK BOOKS. Studying and working is quite hard, but to thanks to my ever supportive FRIENDS, GROUPMATES and CLASSMATES for always helping me out! Truly TEAMWORK achieves more!

Last 2 years of college Life:

HELLO FULL TIME STUDENT! My last two years in college was one of the most spectacular moments ever!!! These was the most crucial yet full of learnings year! Thanks to my friends and FIENDS hahaha, specil mention to my ever GROUP MATE/THESIS MATE/ SEATMATE/ RLE GROUPMATE/ CLASSMATE friend Camille Mendoza, excellence was really the great word to explain our work! With one of the best memories made at my college life were the bestest GIRLFRIENDS in the world, IVY, ROSELLE, JOANNA and SANDY ! We all finally GRADUATED AND PASSED THE NURSING BOARD EXAM!


After graduation, whats next???
FIND A JOB! But if you’re a nurse tell me, how HARD it is to find one?
Even if your not a nurse, I ask you, how HARD its is to find a Job?

I tried different fields, search every corner of the newspaper, seek every web page on the internet still no SIGN of having a GOOD job that will give me GOOD environment, GOOD health, and GOOD income.

Until one day came….

Very eager to get my first pay check, I found this opportunity. Started out like a fresh baby chick who didn’t know what the world can do to me.  Like any other chick, it has a mother  to mold her, guide her, nourish her and support her, that's why I am very thankful for the people behind the SUCCESS I am recieveing right now. Thank you to Ms.K for introducing this great job opportunity to me. And to my XTRM 1-11 family with our beloved Mentors. You are Gods instrument to help me become BETTER and BOLDER.

Right now, while others are whining about the bad governance of poor government I am enjoying recieveing my paycheck in DOLLARS, while others are complaining for their rest days I am privileged to travel to different places, while others are going abroad just to earn big I am spending quality time with my family while helping them out in house hold bills.

At an early age I was treated like a princess, when I reached the age of 16 I’ve experienced reality how life can be so challenging…

And now at the age of 21 who would have thought I have this awesome career, fully booked travels, Investments, a CONDO, and the feeling  where I can eat wherever I want and buy whatever I want.

When I was a kid, I thought I had the BEST out of life, getting all the things that I want, but then I realized those were just the ICING of the CAKE, for I know there’s yet to come for me! We just have to WORK HARD for it!

Last Christmas 2011, my mom hugged me so tight and whispered silently,
do you wanna know what she said?

"I am so PROUD you" --mom
Tears fell into my eyes as memories flashed back :)

And best part of it, is that you’ll get to INSPIRE and HELP more people to reach their dreams too!!

Now let me ask you, are you ready to get that DREAM and make our MOM and DAD proud?

i have a lot of stories to share, for those people who want to know how i did it, please feel free to send me an email at , I am very willing to help you reach your DREAMS as well :) GOD BLESS US ALL :)